The True Meaning of BSing

Sean K = me, Sean Kneese. I originally started this podcast as simply a space for traditional interviews with artists and other creative types. As I started bringing on increasing numbers of diverse guests, the show organically developed its own theme: I converse with people who think and live outside the box and are pursuing their creative and intellectual passions. They are non-conformists: people who go against the grain and follow their own path. I also like to provide a platform for opinions that aren't often heard in the mainstream media, and prefer to keep a conversational feel to my interviews. I enjoy talking to all different kinds of people from all walks of life and I hope that my podcast can show that we all have more in common than we think, even if it might not always seem that way on the surface.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Episode 61: George Wagner: Colorado-Based Stand Up Comedian

In this episode of BSing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to Colorado-based stand up comedian George Wagner. George talks about the comedy scene in Colorado, how he got started with comedy, his views on spirituality, the pros and cons of social media, his interest in music, and more.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Episode 60: A Conversation with Rachel Navarro: Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Poet, and Yogi

Actress, poet and singer/songwriter Rachel Navarro returns to the show to talk about the new music video for her song “Sufferings in Sand” as well as a new short film she’s involved with entitled “Harmony”. Many interesting topics are covered in this episode including the difference between performing music and acting, the music scene today, social anxiety, religion, living a healthy style, writing lyrics with meaning, developing a connection with the audience and more.

Rachel Navarro's Facebook page:
Rachel Navarro's "Sufferings in Sand" Music Video:

Monday, September 17, 2018

Episode 59: Rew Starr: Singer/Song Writer, Punk Rock Guitar Teacher, Dog Lover and Actress

In this episode Sean Kneese talks to Singer/Song Writer and actress Rew Starr. Rew has been called a “Firebrand” by the New York Times and was crowned Miss Underground NYC. The video for her song “Alota mistakes” won the Akademia Music Award for “Best Pop Rock Music Video. Her song “U Suck “was featured on Bad Girls Club and was voted “Punk song of the Year” by Pirate radio on Treasure coast. She appeared on the TLC reality show “Love, Lust or Run w/ Stacy London and has acted in many independent films and plays. Rew talks about her life on the road, her passion for music, her experience teaching guitar, her adventures working on film sets with her dog ZsaZsa Gabone, her friendship with Joey Ramone and other interesting topics.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Episode 58: Patrick Flynn: Musician, Film Maker and Vocalist of Spanish Dracula

In this episode of BSing with Sean K: Sean talks to musician and film maker Patrick Flynn. Patrick discusses his band Spanish Dracula, his love of blues and folk music, and some of his current film projects. Other topics include: Woody Guthrie, Howlin Wolf, Tom Waits, politics, the film industry, and others.