The True Meaning of BSing

Sean K = me, Sean Kneese. I originally started this podcast as simply a space for traditional interviews with artists and other creative types. As I started bringing on increasing numbers of diverse guests, the show organically developed its own theme: I converse with people who think and live outside the box and are pursuing their creative and intellectual passions. They are non-conformists: people who go against the grain and follow their own path. I also like to provide a platform for opinions that aren't often heard in the mainstream media, and prefer to keep a conversational feel to my interviews. I enjoy talking to all different kinds of people from all walks of life and I hope that my podcast can show that we all have more in common than we think, even if it might not always seem that way on the surface.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Episode 126: Martial Arts, Stunts, Alec Baldwin (Set Safety),Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Acting and more with Christine Hillary Lee: Actress and Martial Artist

In this episode of BS'ing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to actress and martial artist Christine Hillary Lee. Christine is a Brooklyn-born and raised actress to a family of Chinese immigrants. She attended LaGuardia High School, graduating in 2012 and is expected to graduate from the Maggie Flanigan acting training program later this year. Christine has also trained in various martial arts including Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and MMA, since she was 10 years old. A passionate artist with a fierce heart, Christine portrays the powerful Yellow Ranger in a viral Power Rangers web series entitled Power Rangers Unworthy. Topics discussed include TV/film set safety, Alec Baldwin, stunts, the acting industry, the different schools of martial arts, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, and more.

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Episode 125: Writing in 2021, defining success, and indigenous life with writer and poet Luke Young

In this episode of BS'ing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to writer, poet, and bartender Luke Young. Luke also describes himself as a bibliophile, proletarian and factotum. He is of mixed Indigenous and European American heritage. He grew up among Southeast Asian war refugees in Washington and California before moving to Cambodia and Southeast Asia with his parents as a child. He lived overseas for more than twenty years before relocating back to the United States in the autumn of 2017 with his wife and four children. His next collection of poetry is coming from Between Shadows Press. Topics discussed in this episode include being a writer in 2021, indigenous rights, defining success, what it means to be "American", Ayahuasca, and more. Donate to BS'ing: Paypal: Zelle: Venmo: @Sean-kneese