The True Meaning of BSing

Sean K = me, Sean Kneese. I originally started this podcast as simply a space for traditional interviews with artists and other creative types. As I started bringing on increasing numbers of diverse guests, the show organically developed its own theme: I converse with people who think and live outside the box and are pursuing their creative and intellectual passions. They are non-conformists: people who go against the grain and follow their own path. I also like to provide a platform for opinions that aren't often heard in the mainstream media, and prefer to keep a conversational feel to my interviews. I enjoy talking to all different kinds of people from all walks of life and I hope that my podcast can show that we all have more in common than we think, even if it might not always seem that way on the surface.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Episode 78: Learning about the Kink community with Aver Lim: YouTuber, actress, comedian, and author

In this episode of BS’ing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to YouTube celebrity, actress, comedian, author and kink community enthusiast: Aver Lim.  Aver is the author of the “Red Hour Glass Trilogy”: a dark romance thriller series that is available on Amazon. She also has a YouTube channel called “Scarlet Queen” that has over 4 million views. She describes her channel as: An artistic role play fantasy channel infusing theater, dance, asmr, and voice overs. Aver talks about pursuing her various passions in this episode, her interest in the “kink community” and other interesting topics.

Aver's website:

Aver's YouTube Channel: Lim

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Episode 77: Actress/Author: Samara Elle Riveria and Musician/Songwriter: Vermex Van Croix

In the latest episode of BS’ing with Sean K, I talk to actress and writer Samara Elle Riveria and singer/songwriter Vermex Van Coix. Samara talks about her upcoming short film: “Linda” that she is writing, directing and starring in herself. Vermex talks about his passion for songwriting and his plans for his music in the near future. His debut E.P. “My Destiny” and his latest single, “Made Me Cry” are available on all music outlets. Samara and Vermex also talk about their show “Monday Nights are a Bitch”  that they do together every monday night. It can be seen on YouTube and other social media outlets.

Samara’s website:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Episode 76: Tohm Bakelas: Poet, Author and Punk Rock Vocalist

In this episode of BS'ing with Sean K, Sean Kneese talks to poet, author and punk rock vocalist Tohm Bakelas. Tohm has been involved in the NJ punk and hardcore scene for over a decade. Some of the bands he has been a member of include Permanent Tension and Four Fingers. More recently he has been writing and performing spoken word poetry and has published a book entitled "Orphan Road", a collection of poems and short stories. Tohm talks about his experiences performing his spoken word at open mics and poetry readings and why he gravitated towards poetry in the first place. He reads some excerpts from his book "Orphan Road". Sean also talks about some of his own music and spoken word poetry and reads a piece he wrote entitled "I Enjoy the Ride" at the end of the episode.